Bulk T-shirt Printing Advantages

Cost Effective

If you have requirements for 25 upto 1,000s of printed t-shirts, then having them screen printed in bulk is the most cost effective option. Screen Printing is the best decoration method for a bulk t-shirt printing order. Multi colour designs work out cost effective when t-shirt printing in bulk as the initail charge of screen origination can be shared per unit.

Not just T-shirts

Something to shout about!, Not only can we provide bulk printed t-shirts at the best prices, we can also print & embroider a wide variety of garments and items. From Hoodies to bags we have a garment solution to suit your needs. As with our T-shirt bulk printing service our decoration of other garments and items is just as cost effective. Choose from quality brands such as Anvil, Gildan, Continental, American Apparel Fruit of the Loom plus many more.

Special Effect Inks

Having t-shirts printed in bulk makes special effect inks an option in your design. From expanding, high build, suede inks & foils to mention a few. Special effect inks cost more than standard inks and have special screen requirements making it a costly option for short runs. Using special effect ink in a bulk t-shirt printing design can really make the t-shirt stand out from the crowd.