Bulk T-shirt Printing Advantages

Cost Effective

If you have requirements for 25 upto 1,000s of printed t-shirts, then having them screen printed in bulk is the most cost effective option. Screen Printing is the best decoration method for a bulk t-shirt printing order. Multi colour designs work out cost effective when t-shirt printing in bulk as the initail charge of screen origination can be shared per unit.

Special Effect Inks

Having t-shirts printed in bulk makes special effect inks an option in your design. From expanding, high build, suede inks & foils to mention a few. Special effect inks cost more than standard inks and have special screen requirements making it a costly option for short runs. Using special effect ink in a bulk t-shirt printing design can really make the t-shirt stand out from the crowd.

Relabel & Finishing

If you have re-labelling or packaging requirements for your order then we can help. We can produce a variety of garment labels in various sizes for different garment locations and sew them in for a professional finish. Finish your bulk t-shirt printing order with swing tags, different bag styles, or maybe inserting promotional material into the packaging.

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